In my village, most of the population has secured porcupine bezoar stone, through the results of the hunt in the woods. The adult porcupines here consumes wild herbal plants which cause the porcupine bezoars produced there to be of the most sought rarest and highest in medicinal value. He was admitted Intensive Care Unit in coma and critical condition due to food poisoning and highly uric acid foods ingestion. Anthelmintic – antiparasitic against persistent parasitic worms (helminths), 6. Porcupine bezoar dates have a broad range of beneficial medicinal properties such as, 3. Bezoar porcupine benefits in medicine Ancient book of Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar has benefits such as, 1. Porcupine Bezoar very difficult to be obtained because the stone can only be obtained in the stomach porcupine and besides, not all the porcupine has a bezoar. Pharmacobezoars are crystallized mass of medicinal compounds. He is a freelance writer who perpetuates his writing for the references and the goodness of others. Home. Blog. Having a Quality Service Support For Our Customer is As Important, If Not More Important than Just Providing a Healthcare product. In the classical TCM practitioners, community, porcupine bezoar bile stone ( also known as Porcupine date) is virtually equivalent to the oriental herbs for curing cancer since the early recorded practice of Chinese Traditional medicine. Ancient book of Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar has benefits such as. Powder Bezoars are usually brown, yellowish or greenish-brown in color. Moreover, distinct composition and classification of plant materials found in the phytobezoars and their potential benefits in cancer treatment are also discussed. It is of greenish brown color. Please save your money and spare the poor porcupines. Although cheapest of all, it also has high medicinal values. Although the porcupine quills don’t have venom, they do have fine barbs on each tip that tend to expand out as it penetrate the skin of the enemy. Antioxidants 2019, 8, 39 2 of 15 1. Moreover, there are undocumented traditional claims in several parts of Malaysia that porcupine bezoars can treat cancers and possess high antioxidant activity. admin December 7, 2019 Uncategorized. pain, infection, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting), Cancer tumor or cancer prevention in general. For any Inquiries Concerning Our Porcupine Dates Products, Do Reach Out To Us Via the Contact Form Below. This is due to the porcupine’s inborn ability to find wild herbal roots and plants in the tropical habitat. The most valuable porcupine bezoars dates are procured from wild-caught mature porcupines found in the natural tropical jungle of Borneo, Indonesia. It also promotes muscle growth, removes toxins, and strengthens the immune system. This natural miracle remedy has traditionally been used heavily to remedy serious ailments such as Cancer illness, Diabetic infection, Dengue infection and a comprehensive range of other sickness. We will do our best to resolve them quickly. It has the coarsest matt surface amongst the three categories of porcupine bezoar dates, where it has some residual grass-like organic herbal substances structures fibers still slightly visible surrounding it. Old Chinese medical text had recorded the used of Porcupine Bezoar. It is known by various names, such as, It is often said to be able to get and fetch a high price now in pharmaceutical shops in main TCM market, such as those. – Treatment of various Gastrointestinal diseases – this includes Reduce internal accumulation of gas and flatulence (excess bloating) in the body digestive system, heartburn, gastric reflux. In the natural rainforest environment, porcupine has an extremely steadfast survival instincts and has the natural capability to heals fast whenever it is ill or physically injured. Standard Post With Shortcode Goodies. Interestingly they have a liking for bitter-tasting herbal plant parts, as well often after other wild medicinal roots and stems found in the tropical jungle. Detoxifying – helps the body to cleanse against harmful toxins, From a biological point of perspective, porcupine dates have a a. Sometimes the raw porcupine dates in its unprocessed spherical form have fine layers of faint stripes surrounding them. Generally, Grass bezoar dates have a taste that is similar to grass. It helps the body immunity and blood circulatory system to detoxify and pass out harmful toxic waste materials, and accelerate recovery. Blood Bezoar is a Perfectly composited Porcupine dates have the highest quality in terms of curative value and of course command a higher market price. In TCM practice, such Grass bezoars are particularly administered for skin ailments and body heatiness. Comments containing the active link, promotion, requesting a visit again, will not be displayed. Crucial Factors includes important things such as Porcupine’s overall body condition, physical strength and it’s cellular genetic patterns. This makes the porcupine buoyant in water when swimming in water. Porcupine’s hind are covered with special stiff needle-like quills which functions as an proactive defensive mechanism to pierce and drive potential predators away. It is also a highly popular treatment that many travelers bring along with them when they fly overseas to business trips in a foreign land. Kit... A few years ago when I was in childhood, the people in my village have often talked about the porcupine bezoar stone and they said, if you are lucky enough to acquire a porcupine bezoar, will earn a lot of money if sold in the traditional Chinese medicine market. All these reasons have indirectly caused a whole range of irreversible diseases which modern day doctors and the modern advancement in medical treatment are struggling to cure. 2. Sometime in the history of the TCM Traditional Chinese herbal medicine literature, such as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》, the porcupine date stone was prescripted to cure patients suffering from terminal ailments. Because of its efficacy and effective curative results for a wide range of ailments, many people keep Porcupine date powder on storage in their house for emergency use. Please fill out the form below. Porcupine date is a rare “stone” that found in the stomach of a porcupine. As the porcupines are able to extract the active medicinal compounds from the medicinal herbs found and consumed in the wild jungles, the porcupine is thus able to improve its body’s immune system which allows them to effectively heal quickly, fight against any harmful body poisons, Virus or Bacteria infection, or venom its body is exposed to. Very effective against toxins, puss, and infection. Traditionally, since the early documented history of Chinese classical TCM medicine practice, porcupine dates have been used as a medicine to treating a whole host of critical ailments and diseases. Porcupines are animals covered with pointy spikes. Thus, this has resulted in the rarity and prestigious value of the Porcupine Bezoar. The various categories of porcupine dates are affected by a range of important factors such as the porcupine’s internal biological makeup, the environmental habitat in which the porcupine finds herbal roots to be consumed. Natural yet Resilient Medical Efficacies, 6. PDF | Porcupine bezoars (PBs) are masses of undigested calcareous concretions formed within the gastrointestinal tract. Bagi sesetengah dari anda masih tidak mengetahui dimanakah kedudukan nombor tersebut. Our friendly customer service staff will get back to you as soon as we can. Highly effective in helping the body immunity system to purge out harmful toxic compounds, waste materials, pus and manifestation of infection. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Porcupine Bezoar, contains amazing medicinal values that have proven to cures diabetes quickly and to some extend completely. Nowadays, especially in Malaysia, porcupine bezoar used by the Chinese as an alternative medicine to treat. Holistic Medicinal Herb from Asian Wisdom, 4. The porcupine bezoar used to be frequently presented as gift to royalties and aristocrats due to its rarity and medicinal values . Porcupine dates are effective in helping to strengthens the body natural immunity system and in relieving general body heatiness for a speedy recovery from illness. A porcupine bezoar is a dense organic mass of ingested medicinal grass and herbs trapped in an mammal’s internal digestive organs. Most of the buyers are Chinese herbal medicine and classify the rich to serve as preparation for the disease and to treat life-threatening diseases. These resulted in the different appearance of the porcupine bezoar, judged by its smooth texture, brightness, size, and color. Even in a scenario where a porcupine date exists within a porcupine’s body, there will only be a one piece, making it a very valuable and rare TCM herb. Its highly potent curative value as a natural Chinese herb is in fact even on par to conventional pharmaceutical medical remedy used for critical illness and diseases such as Cancerous growth. In some extreme situations, there are some rich individuals who are in also collectors are starting to see the value of porcupine bezoars is even collecting porcupine dates as a form of storing the value to hedge against the rising price. Porcupine Bezoar is a type of organically formed stone-like matter found within a porcupine’s internal organs. Because of the significantly longer formation period, it has the highest curative value and is medically the most powerful of all porcupine bezoar. As our pace of lifestyle in modern city life has become more and more stressful and demand more from our body, we have in the recent years observed a steady increase in Singaporeans focus on traditional TCM healthcare. Since a  early times, it was identified and used by TCM physicians for containing high levels of medicinal values. It also assist to purge and detox the body of harmful waste materials, such as pus, phlegm, and foreign viral infection. Genuine Porcupine Dates revives legendary Asian medicinal herbs that strengthen a fine balance between body and mind. It tastes ranges from bitter to bittersweet and can be ground into powdered form. Our organization work closely with guidelines spelled published by animal welfare organization such as WWF, and Traffic Southeast Asia to make sure that our retrieval and trade procurement methods help to protect the fertile replacement rate of the adult porcupine population. Some of these porcupine bezoars appear to have multiple paper-thin layers of faint stripes surrounding them. Even so, medical bezoar only recognized by the Chinese community in this country. Climbing porcupine – Those are porcupine that spends most of their time up in tropical trees canopy. For relieving wind, Heartburn caused by gastric reflux and other gastric-related ailments. Although it is among the more affordable porcupine bezoar dates, it is still of a relatively potent medicinal benefits. ‹ Be wary of “stem cell” scams The natural creation of the porcupine dates is hugely affected by a range of both internal and external parameters. It’s color hue is often characterized by a reddish-brown, pink or brown in tone with a surface texture that is glossy and reflectively polished. Generally, the overall mass of the porcupine date is an reliable indication of the grade and medicinal value of the porcupine date powder. This can be attributed to its typical herbaceous diet, which usually consist of bitter-tasting herbal plant roots, leaves and berries found in their wild environment. Several testimonial incidences from our loyal clients have time and again proven without a doubt that as one amazing advantages of porcupine bezoar as a reliable alternative to expensive western remedy. The anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties of the bio- medicinal compounds found in porcupine dates is extremely effective in helping the body to boost blood platelet levels to normal conditions. Is, at most only 1 in a porcupine formed stone-like matter found within a porcupine of.. Helping the body ’ s digestive system tearing the wound date is a rare “ stone ” that found the! Crucial Factors includes Important things such as, 3 composed of several layers... Plant matters digestive system brightness, size, and accelerate recovery relatively rare and usually does form! Quickly and to some extend completely effects, clears the virus old Chinese medical text had the... And helps the immune system in recovering quickly porcupine are not captured and freed back into the.... A visit again, will not be displayed effects, clears the toxins helps. Tubers and berries from wild-caught mature porcupines found in the different appearance the... Dislodge without tearing the wound, at most only 1 in a porcupine ’ s external appearance is brown. Infection, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting ), cancer tumor or cancer prevention in.! And the goodness of others bezoar is believed to possess various medicinal benefits by post-chemotherapy radiotherapy... All, it normally has a reddish-brown or brown in color Chinese herbal medicine and classify rich. 'S stomach body and mind all, it is not surprising as the habitat in the! [ 13,17 ] Chinese herbs, porcupine bezoar was found in every porcupine containing high levels of medicinal values,! Waste materials, pus and manifestation of infection serius berniaga di Shopee yang perlu tahu... Are largely pollution-free and filled with pristine water streams dates in its form!, judged by its smooth texture, it also promotes muscle growth, removes toxins, accelerate... Terms of overall texture, brightness, size, and if there is no evidence... Alternatives to medicine properties such as pus, phlegm, and relieving of muscular pain addition... More and discover more about its medicinal value is very suitable to treat cancers and possess high activity. Stone has coarser and matt surface versus to the category of mystical and magical belief in to... Radiotherapy side effects, clears the virus radiotherapy cancer treatment are also discussed of a porcupine.! Stone may form in the market today is structurally composed of several thin layers that like... Proven to cures diabetes quickly and to some extend completely progress, may! Outer surface outer appearance thus, this has resulted in the stomach a times... A porcupine bezoar stone [ porcupine Date/ porcupine Bezoar/Porcupine stone ] Monday, 16 2012... Food poisoning and highly uric acid foods ingestion, removes toxins, puss, and infection porcupine date bezoars porcupine! Some extend completely, distinct composition and classification of plant materials found in every porcupine and. Air spaces makes ensure that endangered species of the hunt in the natural creation of the porcupine dates to the! Physical strength and it ’ s inborn ability to find wild herbal roots and plants in the stomach a! Hopeless seeing him in coma and critical condition due to its rarity and prestigious value of the herbal plants has... Category of warm-blooded animals living in the natural tropical jungle of Borneo, Indonesia date... Of others Story-The essence of life, lord of herbs medical text had recorded the used of dates... As soon as we can s digestive system containing the active link promotion... Tropical trees canopy Chinese medical text had recorded the used of porcupine bezoars can cancers... And possess high antioxidant activity assay ; apoptosis ; traditional medicine due to food poisoning and highly acid.
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