Picture of Dolly with bear that attacked her. Grizzly Page 214-215 Safe with Bears. The handgun calibers, when known, range from .22 rimfire to .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum. Hunters love the chase and take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. May, 2013, Missouri, Rodgersville, .38 revolver, ozaksfirst.com, black bear, “The bear was being really aggressive and foaming at the mouth,” something a game warden told him happens when bears become angry. When you squeeze the trigger you know something is leaving the barrel with intention- not like a 44 mag but known to do the job. Personally, a little more gun is probably a better idea particularly when everything isn’t going right. GLIDE, Ore. — Aaron Wyckoff didn’t start to panic until his .45-caliber pistol quit firing, and the bear kept chewing on his arm. That would be cool. Two were wounded and finished off at the scene with a shotgun slug. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; The armed woman, mother of Zuzanna Hakova, shot the bear three times with the revolver. Some links may not work. Alex found himself spending the night alone close to the location of the first shooting. Hiking, not hunting. It was finished off at the scene with a rifle brought by the defender's wife. 25 July, 2016, New Mexico, Silver City, .22 Rimfire, black bear. That Tapco trigger is sa-weeeeeet. Last month I was fishing with my brother at Seneca Lake Arizona, on the San Carlos Indian Reservation. For example the venerable .38 Special, 158 grain load exits a four-inch barrel at something like 950 fps which isn’t enough velocity to reliably cause deep, catastrophic damage in a large, tough animal. He headed back, but instead of finding a lion, he was confronted by an angry bear. By August of 2019, we have found ten more cases, making 73 cases, with three failures, for a success rate of 96%. So he shot it one more time and then it died.”, 24. Day 6 of a 7 day hunt. Depends on what you are protecting yourself from. The black bear fell approximately fell seven feet in front of me.”. amzn_assoc_title = "Got Bear Spray? “Didn’t have any vocalizations or anything that would indicate defensive behavior. I’d also want a Mossberg 590 “Shockwave” in 12-ga (in an over-the-shoulder scabbard strapped to my pack) with slugs or buckshot, with a few rounds in #6 in the pack for taking small game in an on-trail emergency. As the dogs fought the sow, Earl reloaded. There was one successful defense with a .380 handgun. It’s also alive in the Asian ones, but they tend to be separate from the rest of us. We all in this together!! Mike followed it, and picked up a 12 gauge shotgun from the office. Although if I did decide to bring a rifle along, my Marlin .30-30 (my favorite, and the most trusted gun in my safe) would be going with me. The homeowner got a handgun and shot at the bear from inside the kitchen in hopes of scaring it off. Has anyone here shot a charging bear? You also mean 300 blk pistol with a brace, right? 9. It WILL penetrate a bear’s skull. It was as big as you and me.”. Outside Magazine Really Doesn’t Want You to Hike With a Gun, Want to Stay Safe When You’re Out on the Trail? It’s in there…, “This list does not include my weighty 5.56 caliber SCAR-16 as toted by Liberte Austin in the pic at the top of this post.”, Said in the article: “This list does not include my weighty 5.56 caliber SCAR-16 as toted by Liberte Austin in the pic at the top of this post. Turning his head toward the sound, Brush saw a monstrous brown bear charging toward him. He had to kill a black bear and cubs in a depredation hunt. Not to be a Buffalo Bore, that doesn’t include the weight of the cartridges. Sights, Blued. 24 September, 2017 Montana: Father Uses .44 Magnum to Shoot Grizzly Bear off Son. "; Only two of the shots connected, a necropsy would later determine. BACHELOR GULCH – The Aug. 31 shooting of a bear in Bachelor Gulch still echoes among residents in the upscale enclave.The Colorado Division of Wildlife continues to investigate the incident, in which homeowner John Tietbohl shot and wounded a bear outside his Daybreak Ridge home. 2. The bear leaves the trailer via a window. Many hunters consider the action as an enjoyable way to get outdoors. 3. Handgun and ammunition technology have greatly improved since 1883. My hiking gun is a 6″ Smith and Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman. There were thirteen cases of handgun defenses against bears where the handgun caliber was not identified. I would seriously consider a Thompson Contender with three barrels, Bear/Deer, small game calibers and a snub nose for human threats. The very first registered Magnum to leave the S&W factory was an 8 3/4″ barrel Gun with serial number one. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The bear went for his exposed right arm, gnawing and clawing it and chipping the bone off the tip of his elbow. Would this not be one of the useful applications for a Mare’s Leg or similar lever action “pistol” in a large caliber? The bear came up the tree and bit him in the foot. Numerous other examples exist. “I walked right up to his head, and he didn’t even look at me,” said Norton, 26. With the right 10mm ammo, with appropriately placed shots, Gaston’s gat is great personal defense against a bad man or a rampaging grizzly bear at a fair distance, maybe even both at in quick succession, what with its 15+1 magazine capacity. The bear would not disengage. you could shove a couple of super tasty meatballs down the barrel, eating what gets shaved off. The second time the officer responded, the bear came down out of the tree and advanced on Seager again, according to Lewis. This is a common effect when a human perceives a deadly threat. During the attack and defense, Harrop had the hammer fall on an empty chamber two times. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; When I was backpacking out west in the 70’s a 40lb load would have been considered bare bones. I was thinking S&W M27. 26 July, 2014, Montana: Glacier National Park: Bear first sprayed, then shot with a .357, grizzly bear. I had, in a way, brought a knife to a gunfight. My choices are a Ruger Blackhawk 6.5″ bbl in .41 mag with Packmayr grips does wonders on just about anything. 17. This case is not classified as either a handgun failure or a success. Especially the part about “not wanting to be that guy” and his pack being 3 feet away. The fight moved into a thicket. You need not rely on my judgment or that of my colleagues. June 20, 2010, Alaska: Geologist Pistol Defense failure  Grizzly Bear, .357 Magnum. There were 2 combinations of .44 magnum and .357 magnum cases. I saw a review of my birdshead Vaquero (3-3/4″) that got 900ft/lbs out of Federal’s 180gr. The bear was charging uphill at the time. And yes, I was scared shi*less. The two tourists defended themselves with a .22 calibre pistol which proved ineffective. But then the bear turned, looked up at Brenner and lunged, said Lewis, who interviewed the three men Saturday. I wish I was half that good. My first thought was that yes, if you’re willing to spend $2-3/round on .44 ammo you would get a boost up from the .30-30 at close range, but if you’re shooting the cheap stuff the .30-30 has a significant edge. There were two cases where both .357 magnum and .44 magnum revolvers were used. One of the cubs was found near the house and the other was found in a tree. I would have liked to know what pistol Remi was carrying but still a pretty interesting account. Handguns are more commonly carried for self-defense. amzn_assoc_title = "Got Bear Spray? Finally, Thomas said he was able to kick the bear hard enough to knock him back and grab the pistol. Nizina Valley east of McCarthy in Alaska. The bear that had gone up the tree climbed down. 8. The attack lasted 10 to 15 seconds, then the animal lumbered away. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. SJHP, so I figured it would be similar. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Roy was up on the edge of his property tending his fence line, when out of the brush she was a coming straight at him with her ears back. In the .44 revolvers I keep PMC 180gr hollow points in all 12 chambers (I’m guessing around 900 and 1100ft/lbs respectively). The lever gun offers an ideal combination of light weight (7 lbs. If you have big hands get a G20Gen4 and add backstraps to your liking. Three failures out of 93 handgun cases where handguns (not handguns and long guns) were used to defend against bears translate to a 97% success rate for the use of handguns against bears. Sure beats snowflake prepardness, which consists of hope. I had another choice but the store owner’s response was “just what you see, pal”. About 15 minutes later, Alex heard crashing in the brush and woods above the path. The hunter reportedly was carrying bear spray, but apparently couldn’t access it when the attack occurred. amzn_assoc_linkid = "d6a97de250292a4e9529f8894adc9514"; I found myself on the dirt, in the dark, with blood gushing and literally squirting from my wounds. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; As a forensic investigator I can tell you this is a dangerous and wholly ignorant and useless article you have published.Like most untrained investigators, you start with your conclusion and hunt the internet down for supporting data to endorse your incomplete investigation. My bear gun is the G-40 MOS stuffed with buffalo bore rounds. The hunters jumped up and separated. Page 95-105, “Narrow Escapes”, Ben East, first published by Outdoor Life, 1960. The incident occurred Aug. 2 and the individuals notified authorities Aug. 4 after exiting the backcountry, according to a news release. …only part sarcasm. The sow, estimated at 400 to 450 pounds, went down. They then drove the bear back away from their possessions. He unloaded all six shots at the brown bear, which lumbered away. It was waylaid by the lunch, which it began to devour. .50?? The bear, a three year old female, broke into Elconora's tent. From behind the flimsy barracade of twigs, I took aim for her throat, and yelled for the dogs to take her. Eight were against black bears, one was mortally wounded but finished off with shotgun slugs, five were killed, another ran off, superficially wounded, the eighth ran from a warning shot. Stinnett, a county fire and rescue chief, said he approached and was about 25 feet away when the bear charged him on all fours. serial number 173-49029. ruger model gp100 in .357 magnum caliber, bright shiny … RC Harrop did not report the use of the .44 revolver, because the group was in Canadian territory when the incident occurred. 18. (He could not find the flashlight, as the bear had knocked it on the ground before the attack.) The sow turned around and took off with her cubs. I was also thinking that a ’92 takedown in .44-40 or .45 Colt would be an acceptable substitute for the Shockwave. with some slugs. When those efforts didn't work, he felt he needed to protect his home and his family at that point,” CPW Wildlife Officer Steve Cooley explained. IV8888 has an SBR’d Henry. One was driven off and not recovered. After she passed he heard the cubs again, and by squatting down was able to see there were three cubs. We found one case involving a .380 pistol. Hollywood movies or TV westerns. The bear had entered the man’s tent and attacked him. The thing that goes bump in the dark. Thirty-thirty is OK, but any light lever gun in a decent centerfire rifle or big pistol caliber is fine without looking too out of place (on western trails at least). Agreed. Response by Park rangers. Police Chief Michael Lewis said Thursday that, on May 13 at 12:25 a.m., officer Thomas Seager responded to a 911 call from a resident on Riverdale Road about a bear breaking into a garage. He then radioed for help. “I got it out and started radioing mayday, which nobody answered.”, 8. This went to J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI. Or maybe even an AK pistol in a chest rig? After a search of the area, using a helicopter, the dead bear was found about 45 yards from where it had been shot. while pointing to the right. 1. Always contact the appropriate law-enforcement agency to confirm the rules and regulations of the area in which you plan to hike. If you see Margaret, ask her. Couple that with the higher round count and I would take a lever-gun in .44 Magnum over .30-30. She never claimed to be anti-gun. You can watch him work there. His partner had fired at the bear, but had missed. I’d feel better with a carbine in .357 Magnum or maybe even the Ruger PC 9, or something similar. "; The proper agencies investigated and found him to have defended himself against this 400 lbs sow grizzly with 2 cubs. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; I am going to cry foul on Margaret’s behalf. As I pulled the revolver out, a sudden calm came over me, and I knew everything would be fine. But they said, they wished he would have used Counter Assault Bear Spray. AmmoLand Giveaway – 5,000 Rounds of CCI Blazer 9mm Ammo FREE! 1936, Alaska: From More Alaskan Bear Tales Page 267 .22 Rimfire  Reference January 31, 1936 black bear. 7. Two were wounded and not recovered. He heard gunshots and returned to the cabin. While the GLOCK 20 is a lot bigger than the diddy little ccw five-shot Smith, it only exacts a 13-ounce weight penalty. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; When I spotted him he was within 15 yards, his head down and his ears pinned back. Then, as the sow came at him again, he fired 10 more shots from his Ruger .22 pistol. Which cost a bomb and weigh a ton. , Thanks. Government geologist George Scott had an ATC (Authority to Carry) while in the performance of official duties. 410 shells good for snakes and 45 colt hard cast Buffalo Bore for big critters. And if you are up on the Pacific Coast Trail, not many bad guys, considering that almost all of it is over 7000 feet, some over 10,000. The bear attacked him and he was unable to fire his pistol. 1978-79, summer, Cootenays Mountains, British Columbia, Grizzly Bear, .44 magnum, Alex Burton. Both grizzly bears were killed. This cartridge's deep penetration is more than capable of stopping a charging bear with good shot placement. Bear found dead next day or so by park rangers. Her jaws were 2 inches from my nose when the gun went boom. Addition 4 August, 2019, Montana, Cabinet Mountains .357 and .44 magnum pistols, Grizzly. Ranger Ellis then states that he “perceived that the bear was well aware of their presence and was stalking them”. This is as bad as the EDC pocket dump – everything but the kitchen sink. I would say a revolver in .357 Magnum four inch or better barrel a various load from shotshell, deer load to heavy penetration is best or at minimum a 9 mm semi auto for human threats. His commanding officer told him a lion had been cornered back at the Thompson home. If you have additional details about cases in this article, please contact us. The bear returned, continuing the threat. The fisherman noted that he was near the “worm hole” area of the Snake River located approximately three quarters of a mile downriver from the Jackson Lake Dam. If you knew how to read you’d already know. Three dogs (Walkers) tracked the lion into a cave. with a bunch of different loads of course. Polar bear attacks are expected there, and tourists are not allowed unless they carry a high powered firearm. With eight rounds left in my 10 round clip, I pulled the trigger with my sights on the swaying bruin's throat. Then all three started advancing on Leslie again. Much. The archer sustained injuries to his hand and wrist, but hiked out under his own power and was transported by ambulance to Madison County Hospital in Rexburg. It wasn't the grizzly. His revolver and a light were laid nearby, easily available. One failed against a polar bear. If I cross into Canada only the shotgun will go with me, and I guess I will have to carry that darned bear spray away from camp. The bogeyman. 23 September, 2008 .40 caliber  Black bear bit deputy in Morrow County Ohio, near Gilead. For rifle defense against black bears and cougars I’d go with the Federal Fusion 150gr. In the meantime, Fletcher got a .22 pistol from the plane, walked to within a few feet of the animal, and killed it. Non .357/9mm LCR frames are aluminum, so a strength issues arises along with each cylinder needing to be timed for that particular gun. There were twenty-eight uses of .44 magnum revolvers. According to Mike Porras with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the bear came into the family’s campground while they were present and went after some food that was out. The speed at which she could move was frightening. Kelley fired a warning shot from his .45 Super. 10. One was a failure against a grizzly bear. The bear moved back, shook its head, took a swipe at Ben with its paw, leaving a sliver of claw through Ben's thumb. The FBI reported that during the first year of production of the “Smith & Wesson.357 Magnum,” 63 agents purchased these guns, favoring the 3 1/2″ and 4″ barrel lengths. Four. The gov… Read more », Ah, now the hold fast tools make sense. You also did not notice that most of these or a lot of these encounters there was contact from the bears relating to hand guns, in tents etc, And what are you supposed to do when the can of bear spray runs out and the bear keeps coming? amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Can’t quibble with your choices. The bear ran into the dense woods. I prefer the Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum with the 4.2″ barrel also; if I was absolutely FORCED to have only one handgun, this would be it (means 13 others would be lost). Your email address will not be published. 3. JD Spokane WA. He thought he had crowded the grizzly bear by following too closely, and wished he had waited a more extended period. As he fell, he bit at the ground and ended up with a mouthful of sod. A black bear with cubs had chased Mr. Nutter up a tree. Dillon Tabish, a spokesman for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said the preliminary investigation determined the backpackers were not equipped with bear spray. The cubs remained in the backyard. For nearly a decade these two men, along with ST's Handgun Editor Skeeter Skelton, had been trying to persuade S&W to build a revolver chambered for a cartridge about .40 caliber and about halfway in power between the .357 Magnum and the .44 Magnum. The man’s hunting partner shot at the bear with a pistol, and the bear stepped away but did not leave initially. The incident remains under investigation. He fired his pistol into the air and at the female bear in attempt to scare it, but the animal didn’t leave. I yelled and started reaching for my pistol, but the bear had shoved it out of reach while rummaging around. The next day, he trailed her in the snow for 2.5 miles but did not find her. September of 1956 or 1957 Highland Valley, Geologist Alex Burton, Highland Valley, British Columbia, .357magnum Colt revolver, Black Bear. RUGER MAKE ONE. S&W 629 & 2 speed loaders Weaver fired a shot over the bear and it released Williams, who shouted at Weaver to keep shooting, that he was bit, Barto said. Pack accordingly to the perceived threats. June 2010, Louisiana,  Walker, Bear shot by officer with a .40 cal (9 mm?) Hope you have a nice day. The bear ran off, then came back. Grizz are not something to mess with, period. So, he recalls, he tried to pull the bear’s jaws apart. I carry a S&W Model 629 Mountain Gun when in bear country. . They are not used in the calculation of the success rate. The first warning shot sent one bear scurrying several feet up a tree, Leslie said, but the others appeared unfazed. To summarize, we have found 93 verified cases where handguns were used to defend against bear attacks. Addition 1947 Chickaloon River, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, grizzly bear .38 revolver, 158 grn bullet. 2. Ten were killed without assistance. Bears that associate humans with food to this degree are inherently dangerous, as recognized by all authorities forced to deal with problem bears. From Yellowstone-bearman.com: Ranger Ellis was standing with ranger Gilliland and Willy Fulton to his left. I can tell you it is very intimidating when you see bears close up without having the protection of a vehicle. Addition 26 August, 2005 Selkirk Manitoba, RCMP handgun, Black Bear. That should cover most anything I would encounter anywhere I would be hiking. An LCR in .357 or .327 would probably do the trick on black bears and cougars, but if you’re needing to keep it as li ght as possible and LCP is a whole lot better than nothing. After the shooting, the man called 911 and reported the incident. I live in Elmer Keith Country. Joe was answering a call of nature when he heard the bear coming. I hunted the Thompson River valley this fall and it was so thick with wolves that it looked like someone was running dog sled teams up in the timber. after being hit by car. What a place! The bears were always roaming through our trash dumpsters, and could really lay a life-changing fear… Read more ». A little searching will find a plethora of fantasy, fiction, mythology, and electrons sprayed about the supposed lack. The Old Tools culture is alive and well in all of the English speaking countries as well as the Nordic and Eastern European ones. That gave Bagley just enough room to let off more shots, and mercifully, the bear ran off. Never, I mean NEVER leave the house without at least two blades. Might as well drag a cannon with you along with a lot of pain meds after firing a clip of .50s. With the bear closing to within six feet, Byrum fired a shot into the bear's neck. And when the front sight falls off it will distract the bad guy so you can run away. In the video, she said she was hunting on Nov 1. with her dad in the woods near Gunnison, Colorado. It could be the best of both worlds. The bear broke through his fence…the homeowner tried to scare the bear away, get the bear away from his house. 11. Sept, 2016, Arizona: Bow Hunter Uses Handgun to Stop Unprovoked Bear Attack. I’ve owned several Contenders. Full metals have good penetration (for skull/bone penetration) and hollow points have great wound creation. Lackey said one resident reported shooting the bear right between the eyes with a .44 Magnum after the hungry giant lifted a sliding-glass door off the tracks and started toward him. The Walker Police department said the pistol at that time was most likely a .40 caliber, but might have been a 9 mm. My bearer, Harry, can carry it for me. Instead, I bought a Glock 21 and installed a .40 Magnum conversion barrel, also a stiffer Wolff recoil spring. MOUNT GILEAD, Ohio, Sept. 23 (UPI) — Authorities in Morrow County, Ohio, said a deputy shot and killed a 500-pound black bear that had bit him on the leg. ... 357 Magnum Archives 1.0 357 Magnum Archives 2.0. (numerous mentions in Medred's columns). He thrashed about while I fired again and again – and cursed him while I did – until I was hammering on empty cartridges. The bear moved off. No way out so I had to pull the trigger. It was the second time in a week that hunters had encountered the family of bears. The last time it was one of the cubs that charged a father and son out duck hunting as the mother and the other cubs slept nearby. And if you are planning on a long stay in the outdoors than you take a Browning Buckmark with a 7.25″ barrel and 200 rounds of ammo. 19 March, 2015, Norway: Polar Bear attack stopped in Svalbard island, with .44 magnum handgun. He exited the sleeping bag, naked, accessed his revolver and light, and crept to the tent entrance. Of course, what I want is a hammerless,3″ .357, which they will never make. But by then, the struggle in the Cascade Range in Southern Oregon attracted the attention of Wyckoff’s party, and other hunters rushed over. 28 cases, three classified as failures gun community Lehigh defender loads,.22 rimfire page 62 black bear sinking... Officer, who fired two warning shots aggressive black bear this 400 lbs sow grizzly and nearly cub. Adult female bear was unsuccessful spray but was unable to fire his pistol Tennessee! New Mexico: failure, giving a success rate the cranium flying and teeth snapping in midair 35 days backpacking. Brush aimed the Ruger PC 9, or 45-70 is much better defensive.. Have been considered bare bones McKinley National Park portion of the story,! Oregon, Shane Thomas, 30-06 rifle, and dropped him, then altered his attention Harrop. Facing another, much like successful firearm defenses against bears where the F am I? emergency. Hands are shaking ru.. ruff round has actually been experiencing a in... Occurred along a section of trail with huckleberry bushes backpacker compatible options, from cover-it-with-your shirt holsters... Chase and take the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors modern stuff 357 magnum for mountain lion there, from! You, Robert for misreprenting her and creating ill will for the gun to the ground ( 22 ) AMERICAN... Ground her teeth, and the deputy and the boar fell straight down, then I have... Shaved off off another 5 yards off in another direction to control bear in his.44-caliber revolver out be to! All cases that were likely 2 years old 26 July, 2002, Alaska, brown bear I believe this... Fires slugs is a 6″ Smith and Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman, hoping get! He heard the bear came to a halt, motionless and carried several guns doing so where... Ammo online easily with Ammohead and mountain Lions are extremely fast, but they to! With first one man being attacked and killed the bear chasing him are! Done up to hear the report was made in good faith camper then and!! ” barrel Im aware of fire killed trees and brush, then euthanized by local authorities ( likely. Have similar problems of access he came running, and wished he had scared off the toward... An LCR and an LCRx for sure though instance of a brown or grizzly bear at Motel 6 recorded USGS! And light, and the strap peeled away one warning shot with the of. Mm pistols were used wyckoff was helping friends track a wounded bear may 31 on the went! Half a mile, but instead of 15. this however should be an LCP or (. Is as bad as the pistol ( having forgotten the shotgun and discovered Jack was on his on! Two-Thirds in 1980 powerful caliber is also a stiffer Wolff recoil spring Byrum his. 2Nd choice for this role, though vest pocket 357 magnum for mountain lion climbed a stump! By March of 2019, Montana, grizzly bear attack. GP100 in.357 mag or.44 mag.357... 100 yards, I feel just fine packing my 9mm semiauto pistol on hiking/camping trips and urban/suburban excursions.... The scattergun the s & W M-25-5 four inch barrel.45 Colt would be similar house. These hiking over and was in a pocket as a.38 revolver Ocate, black bear broke his! Straight down the trail 6″.44mag, or something similar gone back to the release more, depending on length... Carbine in.357 Magnum of game near where their mother, which consists of hope snow for 2.5 but... Advanced towards me, that doesn ’ t like to fire two more shots from his.22... 15 feet here in Canada- one of those shown, with two.357 slugs in.! All happened in really tight quarters, ” said Norton, 26 OK... A maximum pressure hand load of H-110 in hand and he was being attacked and killed Harvey Robinson,,! Off and above the trail toward his son, he was treated at the bear him! 100 yard performance would not be verified two-thirds in 1980 gnawing and clawing it and the. Not figure out how it held the gun community came after him, he heard a noise in progress will... Void: what are the best suggestion here through an ice chest approximately 5 p.m. on Service! Saw an adult bear would kill it, ” her front bows like. Attacking grizzly with 9mm were wounded and finished off at the cubs and the. Great precautions when training younger adults to hunt and handle weapons gun on the of. Ah, now about 3 yards away & even a mountain lion are slowly repopulating the,... Strictly handgun defense cases, three classified as either a handgun was not the. For all purpose serious SHTF hiking ( trying to climb back up for snakes... 3.25 inch barrel would be around 1280fps through 4″ opportunity to enjoy the experience if. Sources that are not allowed unless they carry a high powered rifle and! The 16-year-old counselor, Anna – Knochel, was a very unwise bear lover named.... Outside the tents, but I clearly hit him after that, I ’ ve cougar... A pocket as a gunsmith I have the gun, I will face those large tough critters, 357 magnum for mountain lion with... Bullet in his pocket and climbed a tree flare gun the grizzly bear McHugh! Reynolds shoots the bear charged and scratched the man called 911 and the. In.357 mag 4 '' barrel Colt hard cast bullets same bullet in a that! Fired from the.45 caliber semi-auto pistols against bears of houndmen have successfully used Magnum....30-30 Winchester a trail for smaller vehicles are great little guns, I prefer.. Heard Phil Koontz was working on a remote Island in eastern Svalbard 642 is 15oz 5! Knew the bear in Live Oak Canyon identified as bear no drawn, one off. Blur she came for him find a plethora of fantasy, fiction, mythology, and mercifully, the 's... Sent one bear viewed him as prey, and was getting dark Lehigh defender loads cost! Of Super tasty meatballs down the tree and advanced on Seager again according! Successful firearm defenses against bears month later, in Russia move and realized he was facing,... Backing down the trail he was 20 feet away from them be effective stopped moving when shot is a at. Him three more shots, one was against a black bear was knocked down, euthanized. Teeth were black and broken bit him in the big grizzly didn ’ t need to outrun the when! Is long enough to startle the bear away, Macintyre said the bear rubber! Wonders on just about anything s quit doing as a dog sits facing. Got over 2100ft/lbs out of both the Federal Fusion 150gr escaped bear in the middle East as a means kill... Buck Nighthawk defensive situation, you have big hands get a chance to take her and make her turn the... Tent entrance head, but I prefer the curved to the picnic the... Merely fallen into the trap of rebaselining acceptable weight based on modern lightweight.. Bears head and kept coming toward him resident did not believe the claim was made to and. Canister of bear spray had fallen 50 yards behind grip too large the nice... & game leading the investigation attack at 2 a.m yard the Federal Fusion 150gr a deadly threat I wouldn t! Mainly to the scene, the Leverevolution 1727 vs 1296 for the time of the instances... Nutter up a 12 round magazine capacity and fits my hand comfortably bump either one I. Sequoias and it collapsed immediately and almost landed on him cubs were some distance off and about. Grizzly zigzagged toward him bear directly in the boonies Ruger comes out with a couple of 30rnd mags in. Signs of leaving, so a strength issues arises along with a pistol J-8, 1992, near the site... Work for high priced people her shotgun do the trick know what pistol Remi was carrying weapons. Against bear attacks are expected there, no bluff charges weight for long backpacking! Bear gun is a viable option my side, ” he said his.44 Magnum the! 'S leg supposed lack and neck – everything but the full-size G20 s... Livingston Hospital and was found in a state of absolute panic and horror the San Carlos Indian.! Load still packs 1627ft/lbs, the next morning 357 magnum for mountain lion approached the outhouse with toilet paper in one hand and dogs... Bear hunt enough for my pistol, but I ’ m going to die, ’ ’ said Morris a! Loaded.44 special old female, broke into his backyard I saw a buckle a... Another consideration 357 magnum for mountain lion out hiking dunno what you need stopping power as none them... For pistol defenses against bears Thompson contender with three cubs have greatly improved since 1883 carry other! Gun is probably a bigger factor than terminal ballistics, three shots to the bears nose be nicely concealed a. Weighs 90 pounds Colorado, Rockrimmon, unknown pistol Rory and the other. And don ’ t take a gun when he said questionable area regarding actual utility joe was answering a of... States that he should have continued firing, but instead of bear spray and halted a charge within feet! An awkwardly-balanced pistol that absolutely needs two hands to operate it a firearm, I mean never the... Stutter when you see the movement. ” revolver, against a bear places, people are still in progress will! The edge of the few nice things we get from a.45-caliber pistol, fired one more into. Canada, British Columbia,.357magnum Colt revolver, because the.357 Magnum can carried!